Termite Inspection In Maryland – Here’s What to Expect

termite inspection

Are you buying a home in Maryland? Or do you already have one there?

Watch out for termites!

As per the climatic conditions, termite infestation is a common issue there. 

If this is something that brought you here to read this – you are not alone. 

Due to its moderate climate, termites swarm in Maryland’s summers and springs. On the flip side, their population is limited in the winter but doesn’t vanish. This never-ending termite population has been causing disturbance, wood damage, and other setbacks. These tiny, destructive pests can wreak havoc on your property, causing expensive damage. According to the EPA (Environmental Population Agency), termite infestation causes billion-dollar yearly losses in the US. 

This is where a professional termite inspection in Maryland helps. For this purpose, TTBS brings you this ultimate guide to better understand termite damages and their signs. We will also explore the areas that must be covered in the best termite inspection in Maryland. By the end of this blog, you will also find out why a termite inspection is unskippable. 

8 Areas That Must be Covered in a Termite Inspection in Maryland

Sneaky, pesky pests can be the bane of your life. Step forward and take control of it through a professional inspection. A termite inspection helps you protect your property’s condition and marketability. Besides that, it ensures your family stays safe and protected in the dicey situation of a termite attack. However, you must choose the best termite inspection in Maryland to avoid haphazards. Professional termite inspectors like us are on the lookout for any signs of termite damage – specifically in these termite-prone areas:


Frass is termite droppings in or around the home, indicating the sneaky beings already exist at your place. A professional inspector will be on the ball to detect active termite infestations. He will identify the areas of damage, their depth or intensity, and recommend practical solutions.


Your home’s exterior, like the landscape, could be a hidden home for pests due to wooden structures. The inspectors will assess your home’s exterior to search for any wood destruction. Termites love to munch on wood, whether firewood or deadwood, causing internal damage to wooden structures. Here, inspectors will look for damaged wooden structures or fencing that could be adjacent to your home. Highlighting these areas will help you cease the means of travel pests use to find food sources. 

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are alarming signs that you must seek a professional termite inspection in Maryland. These mud tubes have grainy, soil, and wood-cellulose structures, due to which termites fast-track their attack. They are a source of survival for termites, giving them secure shelter and travel means. The expert inspectors will examine the pipes, foundation, attic, or crawl spaces to look for these mud tubes. After careful examination, he will report the damage density and the proper treatment.

Buckling Paint

Even though it may not be counted as one of the obvious signs of termite infestation – still cracked, scratched, or bubbling paint could indicate termite presence. Inspectors usually hunt for paint damage to verify underlying pest growth.

Wood Damage

Termites won’t cause any visible surface damage to your wooden structures. However, inspectors will look for underlying damage in these wood structures. The pest can reside and feed on your wood structure, leaving it hollow and structurally weak. This is where hiring a professional inspector saves your property.

Signs of Swarms

As mentioned earlier, Maryland has humid and warm summers and springs, which activate higher termite production. If you notice any signs of swarms or discarded wings near doors or windows – get instant help from a termite inspection.

Construction Joints

If your home is just built, watch out for termites’ presence in the construction joints. A professional inspector will check every gap or joint to search for termite entry points. 

Termite Sightings

Besides the above-mentioned areas, the inspector will identify visible termites on the spot. He may also locate their breeding ground. 

Reasons Why You Need the Best Termite Inspection in Maryland

Not every time pests leave signs of their presence. In such a situation, termite inspection proves to be an easy way out. Now that you understand termite damage and the signs and areas covered in an inspection – it’s time to take the next step. Hiring the best termite inspection in Maryland!

Are you still in two minds about hiring a termite inspector? Maybe these reasons could change your mind!

Health and Safety

Termites can structurally weaken your home, risking your family’s safety. Moreover, pest infestations can cause health hazards directly or indirectly. This may include asthma, breathing issues, fungal infections, and allergic reactions. Therefore, an early termite inspection can detect their presence and limit the damage.

Protecting Your Investment

Before these pesky pests take down your home’s aesthetic appeal and market value – a termite inspection comes in handy. Regular inspections would detect issues beforehand, saving you costly repairs and maintenance. Moreover, time-to-time inspections would protect your home from devaluation or depreciation. 

Detection of Hidden Damage

As you may know, termites and their damage are not easily visible. Therefore, inspectors would look through every nook and cranny to find hidden or potential damages.

Weather-Specific Preventions

As mentioned earlier, in Maryland’s humid climate, specifically in summers and springs, termite infestation goes on its peak. That’s why the inspectors guide you on weather-specific preventative tips, so you can be proactive before these pests attack you again.

Environmental Considerations

The best termite inspection in Maryland would employ eco-friendly methods to protect your home without harming the environment. This may also include compliance with local building codes and regulations for environmental considerations. 


Whether you are about to buy a home or already own one, be ready to face termite infestations. Therefore, consider a termite inspection to protect your family and home. This blog gave you valuable insights into areas for termite growth, their attack, and damage signs. We also gave reasons why a termite inspection in Maryland is a must.