Solicitation Calls After Your Inspection?

Solicitation Calls After Your Inspection?

Occasionally we get a call from a client who is upset about getting a barrage of solicitation calls from 3rd-party vendors after a home inspection. Because the calls happen mostly after the inspection, it is no surprise that the client feels the two events are related, but Top To Bottom Services wants to set the record straight. Here is what you need to know:

*Per our inspection agreement, Top To Bottom Services will only share your contact information with in order to give you a very valuable ($350/year value) home concierge and moving assistance service, Porch Home Assistant. This makes moving so much easier!

  • Porch does NOT share your personal information with ANYONE unless you ask them to.
  • Porch will first reach out to you by email to ask if you would like to be contacted to set up the FREE service (free for as long as you own the home). If you do not respond, or you tell them you are not interested, your account is put into a “NO CONTACT” state and they will not reach out to you again.
  • We have worked out a deal with Porch to give you $200 worth of handyman service coupons.
  • You can opt-out of the service any time, even before you have your home inspection. Please let us know if you would like to be opted-out at any time.

If you are receiving a lot of solicitation calls after your home inspection, it is likely because you tried using a different “Find a Home Professional” or “Get a Service Quote” type of service at some point during the home searching, buying, or selling process. Most of those services do not take your privacy as serious as Top To Bottom Services and Porch do.

After reading this, if you still feel that you are receiving solicitation calls as a result of our service, please contact us immediately! We will investigate the issue with you. We want nothing more than your full trust and satisfaction.