Well Flow Inspection

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Top To Bottom Services can provide well flow testing as an add-on service to the home inspection you schedule for your real estate transaction. This test will determine if the well on the property produces enough water to cover all the needs of daily life; drinking, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes and laundry, etc. If you are interested in a well flow test as part of your real estate purchase, be sure to speak to your Realtor® for all the information on what may or may not be applicable to your situation and permitted and/or negotiable per your real estate transaction contract.

What Does A Well Flow Test

One of our certified inspectors or ancillary service technicians will arrive on-site and first perform a visual examination of visible—and readily accessible—components of the well.

Next, they will begin running either an interior or exterior faucet; this faucet will remain on for a minimum of 30-minutes to simulate extended use. During the time that this faucet is running, our staff member will fill up a 5-gallon bucket and determine—based on the total output during a predetermined time frame—the flow rate. After this initial assessment, our staff member will evaluate:

Before the conclusion of the 30-minutes of simulated extended use, our staff member will re-assess the flow rate while running additional fixtures at the highest point in the house, i.e. the top floor bathroom shower.

Please Note: Any significant reduction in flow rate during testing will result in the test being halted to reduce risk for damage to equipment and causing significant sediment uptake into the system.

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Will This Test Tell Me If The Well On My Property
Has Any Contamination?

No, that is a separate inspection called a water quality test. Most of our clients who are buying properties with wells request both the water quality and well flow tests to provide the clearest picture of the condition of the well.

Does This Have To Be Requested During The Scheduling Process, Or Can It Be Added At The Inspection?

Our inspectors carry the necessary testing equipment with them to every home inspection. While it is possible to add this service on-site at your inspection, due to the time needed for this type of testing, we cannot guarantee your inspector can complete it if the correct amount of time was not allotted at the time of scheduling. Your inspector can discuss your testing options, his/her recommendations, and the associated costs. You and your family’s health and safety are our primary concern.