Water Analysis

CURRENT REPORT TIMEFRAME: Reports are on-time and being delivered 4-5 business days after sample collection.

Top To Bottom Services can provide water quality testing for the home you live in, or one you are looking to purchase. This test will help to uncover issues with your well or well filtration system, and tests the following parameters:

If you are interested in water quality testing as part of your real estate purchase, be sure to speak to your Realtor® for all the information on what may or may not be applicable to your situation and permitted and/or negotiable per your real estate transaction contract.

Is What You Listed Above Everything That
I Should Test For?

Because no two well systems are the same, it is hard to say what you will need to test for. The testing parameters above make up our basic package, specifically designed to test for the most requested parameters. Aside from the most common tests requested, we can also provide testing for radon in water (not detected by radon in air testing), arsenic, VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals), and other contaminants if requested in advance. Some states/counties recommend these tests on a periodic basis, ranging from every five years to every 15 years. Clients with properties near—or containing in-ground fuel storage tanks (other than propane)—should consider VOC testing.

While Taking The Water Sample, Will You Be
Inspecting My Well Filtration System?

No, we will only be collecting a water sample and sending it to a certified third-party lab for analysis. Although we do not provide analysis of water treatment system configuration, design, or effectiveness, additional water testing of a few parameters can help establish the effectiveness of a treatment system. With permission from the homeowner, and system design permitting, we can operate the treatment system bypass to collect an untreated water sample for comparison. Most of our clients rely on history provided by the property owner and lab testing results on tap water passed through the treatment system. This can help our clients determine if the treatment system is needed, or if the treatment system is performing its function correctly.

Everything You Need Right Under One Roof!

Will This Test Tell Me If The Well On My Property
Produces Enough Water?

No, that is a separate inspection called a Well Flow Test. Most of our clients who are buying properties with wells request both the water quality and well flow tests to provide the clearest picture of the condition of the well.

I Already Live In This House; How Often Should
I Test My Water?

At the very least, test your water any time you notice unusual odors, colors, or cloudiness, or if you note an interrupted supply, such as pumping air or sediment. Contact your Health Department water quality division or call our office for more information on which tests might be appropriate.

The minimum recommendation is to test for bacteria and nitrates. We strongly recommend more extensive testing, as water quality may not only impact the health of occupants, but it may also affect the longevity of appliances, water heaters, and plumbing pipes.

Does This Have To Be Requested During The Scheduling
Process, Or Can It Be Added At The Inspection?

Our inspectors carry the necessary testing equipment with them to every home inspection, so you can always add the service later. Your inspector can discuss your testing options, his/her recommendations, and the associated costs. You and your family’s health and safety are our primary concern.