Termite Inspections

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Top To Bottom Services has partnered with one of the area’s leading pest control companies—PestNow—to serve you with the best termite inspection in Maryland during your real estate transaction. Additionally, all our inspectors are trained to identify evidence of WDI activity and treatment; this means you get two sets of eyes for your pest inspection, for the price of one! A termite inspection in Baltimore, MD, is a low-cost add-on that we recommend for almost every home inspection, be sure to speak to your Realtor® for all the information on what may or may not be applicable to your situation and permitted and/or negotiable per your real estate transaction contract. As many people already know, termites in Maryland can cause extensive structural damage if not identified and treated early on. Our inspectors are trained to look for signs of previous WDI treatments, as well as the actual evidence of damage or activity from the following types of insects:

Termite Inspections

Everything You Need Right Under One Roof!

I Heard That Different Loan Types May Have Different
Requirements For The WDI Inspection?

Yes, but that is not something you need to worry about. Between our excellent call-center staff, highly-trained inspectors and trusted vendor partner—PestNow—we will handle all the logistics for you!

When Scheduling A WDI Inspection, Is There
Anything Special I Need To Know?

Yes, but only if it is being requested as part of a real estate transaction. Firstly, we will need to know what type of loan you are using for the purchase of this property; as we mentioned above, we will handle the logistics, but we will still need to know the loan type.

Next, while Top To Bottom Services requires payment for the WDI inspection upfront, if we find any evidence of wood-destroying insects, our vendor partner—PestNow—can schedule remediation for which they bill at settlement. Therefore, we do ask for your escrow company’s name and contact information at the time of scheduling so that we may provide it to PestNow ahead of time, avoiding any interruptions to the real estate transaction.

Will The Home Inspector Be Looking For Wood-Destroying Insects As Part Of The Home Inspection?

No, wood destroying insects are not within the scope of a home inspection. The home inspector is responsible for identifying and reporting on visible damage or deterioration at siding, trim, framing and other building components. Additional time, attention, and documentation is required to properly perform a wood destroying insect inspection.

Does This Have To Be Requested During The Scheduling Process,Or Can It Be Added At The Inspection?

It is best to add this service during the initial scheduling process because not all of our inspectors are licensed to provide the official NPMA-33 form required by most lenders. This allows for us to ensure our vendor partner—PestNow—has the availability to attend the inspection with our inspector and provide the appropriate report.