New Construction Phase Inspections

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Top To Bottom Services is here to help, no matter the situation. Many people believe that buying a newly built home ensures that it is in perfect condition. Unfortunately, this is never the case; mistakes can be made at any stage during the building process, and if not identified at the correct time they may end up covered up by finishings and lead to costly repairs in the future.

With our four-phase new construction inspection, we will be working with you throughout the whole process so you can have the builder address the problems at the correct time.

New Construction Phase Inspections1

Phase I - Pre-Backfill Foundation Check:

It all starts with the foundation. Our licensed inspectors will come out after the forms (walls) are poured, but before they backfill. This is the only time that there will be this much exterior visibility of the foundation, and the best time to catch issues that will lead to costly repairs down the road.

Phase II - Pre-Drywall Inspections:

During a Pre-Drywall Inspection, our licensed inspector will be looking for problems that will be hidden once the drywall goes up. This includes inspecting electrical, plumbing, HVAC and, of course the framing.

Phase III - Final Walk Through Inspections:

Having one of our licensed inspectors on your side during the final walkthrough is a smart decision. This phase of the inspection will help make sure that your property is in an agreed upon condition, before you go to closing.

Phase IV - Warranty Inspections (11-Month Check):

As the one-year anniversary of you closing on the property approaches, have us come back out and do a final inspection of your property before the warranty expires. Have us send a licensed inspector out around the 11th month and go back to the builder with repairs so you do not get stuck with them!

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What Kind Of Information Do You Need From Me To Begin
Scheduling A Phase Inspection?

Aside from the standard information we ask with every home inspection, we will need a few specific things from you.

Is There Some Sort Of Discount Provided
For Doing These Phases?

Yes, if you have your Phase II – Pre-Drywall Inspection performed by Top To Bottom Services, we offer a 50% discount on your Phase III – Final Walkthrough Inspection. No other discounts are offered for the completion of other phases.