Hourly Walk N’ Talk Evaluations

Top To Bottom Services understands that sometimes you may not have the option for a standard home inspection; maybe there are multiple offers on the house or possibly there was no home inspection contingency at all. You may also have already had an inspection and simply want to have someone verify that the requested repairs were actually done. Either way, we have you covered with an Hourly Walk ‘n Talk Consultation.

Our Hourly Walk n’ Talk Consultations are a time-saving, low-cost option when a full home inspection isn’t possible, or simply not wanted. While you may not be able to negotiate for repairs, it is still helpful to know the condition of particular systems and components of the home, that may guide your overall decision to put an offer on the home.

What Is Needed From Me—The Buyer—To Schedule
One Of These Consultations?

Aside from the standard information we ask with every appointment, we will also be asking what specific items you would like our inspectors to look at.

If You Are Requesting This After A Home Inspection Was
Performed, And Want Us To Verify Repairs:

Your agent would have submitted a Home Inspection Addendum when they requested certain repairs during negotiations. We will need a copy of that addendum so we know exactly what to check for repairs.

If You Are Requesting This In Lieu Of A Home Inspection:

Sometimes the buyers—having toured the home—noticed things that seemed off or odd to them. Let our schedulers know to note these items, but keep in mind that this evaluation is charged at an hourly rate. If you provide an extensive list, our inspector will not be able to evaluate every item in the allotted time frame. If you do not have specific items you want to be evaluated, we will handle them.

Everything You Need Right Under One Roof!

What If I Do Not Have A List Of Items I Want Looked At?

No worries, this happens relatively frequently. When no list is provided ahead of scheduling, our inspectors will go over your options on-site. Since this appointment type is charged by the hour, we advise all clients to decide which components they want inspected before the start time, that way we don’t eat away at the hour you paid us to actually evaluate. If you need help deciding what you would like our team to evaluate, you can start with considering similar components that past clients have requested—components that typically have the highest cost to repair which include but are not limited to:

Schedule a one-hour consultation with one of our team members to provide targeted evaluations of components that may either prevent you from making an offer on this home, or better, will provide evidence that the repairs your requested were actually completed.

It is important to note, these consultations do not include a written report, so be sure to bring a notepad.