Commercial Property Inspections

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Top To Bottom Services provides a wide range of commercial property inspection services in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Commercial property inspections are a separate and unique type of inspection suitable for commercial property investors and lessees.

It is important when purchasing or leasing a commercial property that our clients receive the evaluation services needed to make an informed choice regarding the condition of a potential commercial site. We have performed commercial property inspections for commercial condo units as small as 800 square feet and as large as 20,000 sqft (per individual unit).

So, What Is Involved In A Commercial Inspection?

The basis for all our commercial inspections is the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) guide to Commercial Property Condition Assessment, or PCA for short. The purpose of a PCA is to provide an owner or potential buyer with important information regarding the current condition of the building(s) and building systems present by performing a walk-through survey of a commercial property.

Additionally, Top To Bottom Services has cultivated relationships with high quality commercial contractors to allow us to provide more in-depth evaluation if a client should desire it.

Examples of more in-depth evaluations—provided by our trusted vendor partners—include:

Many other specialty systems and inspections can be arranged in conjunction with a Property Condition Assessment! Simply give our team a call and they will help you get your commercial property inspection scheduled!

Everything You Need Right Under One Roof!

What Type Of Commercial PropertiesWill You Inspect?

We do it all! Our team of commercial inspectors have performed inspections on almost every type of commercial property imaginable.

Examples of the types of commercial properties we will inspect for you, include: