Chimney Scope Inspection

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Chimneys and flues—due to their concealed nature—are often overlooked components of home maintenance. A Chimney Scope Inspection. will help reveal issues that could prove costly down the road. If you are interested in chimney inspections in Baltimore, MD, as part of your real estate purchase, be sure to speak to your Realtor® for all the information on what may or may not be applicable to your situation and permitted and/or negotiable per your real estate transaction contract.

Chimney Scope Inspection

Will Our Home Inspector Be Looking At The Chimney
As Part Of The Home Inspection?

Yes, but there are different levels of chimney inspections; per the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors’ (InterNACHI) standards of practice, a home inspector is only required to perform a standard Level I inspection of chimneys. What this means is that our inspectors will inspect:

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What Does A Chimney Scope Inspection
Give Me That A Level I Does Not?

With a Chimney Scope Inspection. you are getting an evaluation of many more of the components of a fireplace system than our standards of practice require. Additionally, with a Chimney Scope Inspection, our inspector will use a scope camera to investigate further up the chimney than is visible by the naked eye. This means areas of concern that our inspectors would not have been able to see with a standard Level I inspection, will now be known to you.

Does This Have To Be Requested During The Scheduling Process, Or Can It Be Added At The Inspection?

You would need to let us know at the time of scheduling if you would like this service added so we may coordinate with our inspector to ensure they have ample to to retrieve the equipment from our office. This also ensures that all of your reports are received within your contingency deadlines; deciding to add this service on at a later time could mean that we are not available for several days, and may not be available within your contingency window, leaving you unable to negotiate for certain repairs.