Steffon has worked—in one fashion or another—in or around inspection services since 2016. Having worked as a Maintenance Technician for a health and rehabilitation center, he is very familiar with short notice service requests with tight deadlines; not entirely different from the way the real estate market has been as of late. Steffon also worked as route manager for a leading pest inspection company where many of the clients he helped schedule appointments for were in the process of purchasing a new home.

While in this position, Steffon learned that he and his partner would be having their first child! Wanting to be able to provide the best life for his child, Steffon decided to pursue a career that not only aligned with his skillset but provided the needed flexibility for a first-time parent—he found Home Inspections and knew that it was the right career for him.

Having trained with another inspection company for some time, Steffon saw an opportunity to hone and sharpen his skills by joining the Top To Bottom Services team, and we couldn’t be happier to have him aboard!