MD License #34769, Steffon was born in Guyana—located in South America—where he grew up in the Capitol, Georgetown. Of the many things he enjoyed about his time there, the sport “Cricket” was a favorite childhood pastime. He lived in South America until he was 10 years old and moved to the United States.

With his parents, brother and 2 sisters, he relocated to Lanham, MD to live with his grandmother, Norma. Steffon is thankful for all that his grandmother has done to raise him and his siblings, and all that she has devoted to ensuring they have a better life than her.

One of the biggest priorities for Steffon is spending time with his beautiful partner Marines, and their daughter Leomi—especially escaping to the beach during the warmer months.

Everyone who meets Steffon can instantly tell by his personality that he is a social butterfly, with a calming personality. He enjoys meeting new people and can make everyone laugh to break the ice, or simply convey a point. Steffon’s ability to communicate with clients as if he’s known them for years would make even the most nervous first-time homebuyer feel relaxed!